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COVID-19 UPDATE - We're still fully functional and shipping orders. Shipping in some parts of the USA could be delayed, due to state mandated shelter in place orders.
COVID-19 UPDATE - We're still fully functional and shipping orders. Shipping in some parts of the USA could be delayed, due to state mandated shelter in place orders.



RAVE® didn't jump on the water sports bandwagon, they created it! The originator of the inflatable water trampoline, they provide innovative and high-quality products that provide serious water sports fun for the whole family. Their innovation has expanded into a comprehensive product line of water trampolines, bouncers and accessories, towables, stand up paddle boards, water skis and wakeboards, pool toys, and camp and resort water sports activity platforms. At RAVE® you'll find everything to keep your summer on the water and smiles on your faces. Their products let kids be kids --- or better yet, they let adults be kids.


RAVE Sports® was founded in September 1996 by a team of entrepreneurs with a vision to build a marketing and distribution platform that could quickly take any innovative, alternative sport product to the worldwide recreation market. Shortly thereafter in 1997, RAVE® acquired Sun Kat, Inc., an electric boat manufacturer, and Aqua Toys International, a manufacturer of water trampolines. These acquisitions provided RAVE® with its initial products, the Aqua Jump® water trampoline and the Sun Kat electric 2-person boat. RAVE's strong marketing and distribution emphasis enabled the company to take these products to new heights. Over the years RAVE® has continued to innovate quality water recreation products by introducing new attachments to the Classic Aqua Jump® water trampoline, and expanding the product line to new areas such as boat towables and water sports accessories.


In November 2009, RAVE® was acquired by Revel Match, LLC. Since the acquisition, RAVE® has expanded to an impressive product line featuring the patented Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ water trampoline, the first and only water trampoline on the market that does not have a steel bar frame, making it lighter and easier for the consumer without sacrificing performance. RAVE® also introduced the Waterpark Division, providing quality and innovative waterpark tubes and rafts to waterparks and water slide manufacturers around the world. Among continual product innovation and quality enhancements, RAVE® has introduced wakeboards, waterskis, and our patented Aqua Buddy™ water ski and wakeboard trainer, the only training tool on the market for teaching how to waterski or wakeboard.


In January 2012, RAVE® acquired AVIVA Sports, Inc. which led to an expanded pool and social float line as well as the well-known commercial Iceberg™ products that have been integrated into the RAVE® commercial Proline category. Also in this year we introduced a new line of stand up paddle board designed specifically for flat water paddling. The current RAVE® line consists of several water sports product categories that complement the original mission of RAVE Sports® to offer quality, innovative water recreation products. The RAVE® line is also growing into the winter market which directly complements our mission of fun. RAVE® is your complete water recreation supplier and we promise to continue to offer quality, innovative fun products for all your needs.

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